The 61st Annual Conference

Submission Deadline (Abstracts for Papers, Workshop, Symposia, Panels and Posters) - 15  April 2006

Held at the School of Law, Victoria University, Queen Street Campus, Melbourne, from the 4th - 7th July 2006.



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   Welcome to ALTA
The Australasian Law Teachers Association (ALTA) is a professional body which represents the interests of law teachers in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands. ALTA seeks to advance legal education (and the interests of law teachers) throughout Australasia, and especially focuses on the encouragement of legal research and the dissemination of its results. Membership is open to teachers of law and law librarians in tertiary institutions in these countries.

Associate membership is open to former teachers of law and other persons engaged in or associated with the teaching of, or research into, law in these countries and to teachers of law in other countries in the Asian and Pacific regions.

Message from the Chair:

At the 60th annual ALTA conference held in Hamilton, New Zealand, I was appointed Chair of ALTA's General Executive. It is a role that I am honoured to fulfil, and I will endeavour to continue the improvements of our previous Chair, Michael Adams. Michael has seen many changes in ALTA and I look forward to implementing his initiatives and pursuing new developments with the help of the ALTA General Executive, and very importantly, with you the members. Our goal is to advance the interests of all members to promote legal education.

I am delighted to announce that we currently have 968 members with some other prominent Institutional members joining us. Please refer to this website for the latest ALTA information and join us in the further development of legal education throughout Australasia.

Professor Paul Moyle
ALTA Chairperson